There was once a widow who lived with her son Aladdin. One day a mysterious stranger gave the boy a silver coin in exchange for a small favor, and as they were very poor, agreed.

– What do I have to do? He asked.

Follow me, ‘said the mysterious stranger.

Aladdin abroad and away from the village into the forest, where the latter would often play. Shortly afterwards he stopped in front of a narrow entrance leading to an Aladdin’s cave that had never before seen.

– Do not remember seeing this cave! Cried the young man. Ever been there?

Abroad, without answering his question, he said:

‘I want you to come through this opening and I bring my old oil lamp. I’d do it myself if no entry is too narrow for me.

‘Okay,’ said Aladdin, I will look for it.

Somewhat more, said the stranger. Do not touch anything more, do you understand me? I only bring me my oil lamp.

The tone of voice that the alien told Aladdin latter alarmed. For a moment he thought of flight, but changed his mind as he recalled the silver coin and all the food that her mother could buy it.

‘Do not worry, I will bring your lamp Aladdin said as he slid through the narrow opening.

Once inside, Aladdin was an old oil lamp that illuminated the cave weakly. Imagine his surprise to find a room covered with gold and precious stones.

“If the alien just wants his old lamp, Aladdin thought, or is mad or a witch. Hmm, I have the impression that he is not crazy! So it’s a …! “.

– The lamp! Bring him away! Cried the wizard impatiently.

-Okay, but first let me out, ‘said Aladdin as he began to slip through the opening.

– No! First give me the lamp! Demanded the witch blocking his path.

– No! -Aladdin refused.

– Too bad for you! Cried the witch by pushing it back into the cave. But in doing so lost the ring on her finger, which rolled to the feet of Aladdin.

At that time there was a loud noise. It was the sorcerer to roll a rock to block the entrance of the cave.

A deep darkness invaded the place and Aladdin was afraid. Will be stuck there forever? Without thinking, he picked up the ring and put it on your finger. As I thought about how to escape, he casually turned and turned.

Suddenly, the cave was filled with an intense pink light and a genie appeared smiling.

‘I am the genie of the ring. What is it, my lord?

Aladdin stunned at the appearance, just happened to guess:

‘I want to go home.

Aladdin found himself instantly at home with the old oil lamp in his hands.

Excited, the boy told his mother what happened and gave him the lamp.

Well, there is a silver coin, but we’ll clean it and use it.

And was rubbing when suddenly, another genius even bigger than it first appeared.

‘I am the genie of the lamp. What do you want?

Aladdin’s mother watching the strange appearance not daring to utter a single word. Aladdin smiling whispered

– Why not a delicious meal with a great dessert?

Immediately appeared in front of them filled with delicacies sources. Aladdin and his mother ate very well that day and, thereafter, every day for many years.

Aladdin grew into a handsome young man and his mother did not have to work for others. They were content with very little and the genius responsible for all their needs.

One day, when Aladdin way to market, saw the Sultan’s daughter walking in his bunk. One look was enough to be smitten with her. Immediately ran home to tell his mother:

– Mother, this is the happiest day of my life! I just saw the woman I married.

I’ll go and see the Sultan and I will ask for you the hand of his daughter, Halima, she said.

As it was customary to bring a present to the Sultan, the genie asked a beautiful jewelry box. Although very impressed by this, the Sultan said:

– How I can know if your child is rich enough to ensure the welfare of my daughter? Aladdin Tell that to demonstrate their wealth, you must send me forty horses thoroughbred loaded with forty chests of precious stones and forty warriors to escort them.

The grieving mother, back home with the message.

– Where can we find everything required by the Sultan? He asked his son.

-Maybe the genie can help, ‘said Aladdin. As usual, the genius smiled and immediately obeyed the commands of Aladdin.

Instantly, occurs forty-spirited horses laden with chests full of sapphires and emeralds. Eagerly awaiting the orders of Aladdin, forty horsemen dressed in white turbans and scimitars wide, mounted on horseback.

– The Sultan’s palace! Aladdin-ordered.

The Sultan was very pleased with such a wonderful gift, she realized that the young man was determined to win the hand of his daughter. Soon after, Aladdin and Halima got married and built a beautiful young woman near the Sultan’s palace (with the help of the genius, of course).

The Sultan was proud of his son and Halima was so in love with her husband, who was gracious and generous.

But the happiness of the couple was interrupted the day the evil wizard back to the city disguised as a merchant.

– Change old lamps for new! -Hawking. Women change their old lamps happy.

– Here! He called Halima. Take mine too, giving him the lamp of genius.

Aladdin Halima had never trusted the secret to the lamp and it was too late.

The magician rubs the lamp and the genie gave an order. In a split second, Halima and the palace rose high into the air and were taken to the distant land of the witch.

– Now you’ll be my wife! ‘Said the witch with a thunderous laugh. Poor Halima, looking at the mercy of the witch, wept bitterly.

When Aladdin came back, saw that his palace and everything she loved was gone.

Then, remembering the ring, gave him three laps.

Ring-Great genius, tell me what happened to my wife and my palace? He asked.

-The witch who pushed you into the cave a few years back, my master, and took with him your palace, your wife and the lamp, ‘said the genie.

-Bring them back immediately, called Aladdin.

‘Sorry, love, my power is not enough to bring them. But I can take you to where they are.

Soon after, Aladdin was among the walls of the palace of the witch. Silently crossed the room to find Halima. Seeing her, clasped her arms as she tried to explain what had happened.

– Shhh! Do not say a word until we find a way to escape whispered Aladdin. Together they devised a plan. Halima had to find a way to poison the sorcerer. The genius of the ring provided them with poison.

That night, Halima served dinner and served the poison in a glass of wine offered to the witch.

Without taking his eyes off her, waited for it to take until the last drop. Almost immediately he fell limp.

Aladdin entered the room hurriedly, took the lamp was in the pocket wizard and rubbed vigorously.

– How good to see you, my good master! He said, smiling. Can we go back now?

– Instantly! ‘Said Aladdin, and the palace rose into the air and floated gently to the realm of the Sultan.

The Sultan and Aladdin’s mother was happy to see their children again. A big party was organized, to which were invited all subjects of the kingdom to celebrate the return of the young couple.

Aladdin and Halima lived happily and smiles can still be seen every time someone shines an old oil lamp.

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