Entradas con la etiqueta ‘Cuentos en Inglés’

  There was once a beautiful queen who craved the arrival of a child. One day I was Clic para ver

  In a small village outside London, there lived three brothers, Wendy, John and Michael. Clic para ver

  There was once a widow who lived with her son Aladdin. One day a mysterious stranger gave Clic para ver

A thief who hovered around a military camp, a beautiful horse theft of darkness of the night. In Clic para ver

The beautiful Maria, daughter of the Rangers, he found one day a golden nut in the middle of the Clic para ver

Erase some pixies who lived in a beautiful forest. Your house may have been a beauty, if they Clic para ver

Once upon a Swiss peasant of violent character, unsympathetic with peers and cruel to animals, Clic para ver

  Once upon a time a little mouse who was very conceited. One day the rat was sweeping her Clic para ver

  The Fairy sovereign summit one day invite all the fairies in the snow to a party at his Clic para ver

  A merchant had two children, a boy and a girl, so small that they were not yet. His two Clic para ver

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