At fifteen years old, the Little Mermaid was a very special gift: for the first time would rise to the surface.
Happy and curious swam to shore. Walking along the beach a handsome prince and the mermaid fell in love with him instantly.
– You have to forget it! You are a siren, not a woman said her father, angry to know.
But the little mermaid could not stop thinking about the prince and went to the water witch to ask her to give him legs.
‘If that’s what you want, you’ll have, but in return I’ll be your voice. If you can not marry the prince will die.
The Little Mermaid accepted anyway. He took the concoction that the witch had given her and she fainted.
The young prince found the mermaid on the beach. Sit in awe of her beauty and took her with him to the palace. The two became fast friends. However, she could not tell the prince’s history.
One day the prince told her he was engaged and getting married.
With that, the little mermaid felt a deep sorrow. One night the little mermaid mourned his fate to the sea, came to console her friends sirens.
On behalf of the Water Witch was offered a dagger to kill the prince with the knife … but could not hurt he loved.
The Little Mermaid was not able to kill the prince she loved. For being brave and generous, the mermaid was rewarded. And since then wander through the world’s oceans to protect the lovers.

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